We make a die for punching sponge.

For increase productivity and quality, we manufacture dies with understanding the sponge.

“the plate is broken”
“cross section to taper off.”
Do you have such troubles?

It`s because that it is not designed considering with the thickness and material.
We create dies with grasping customer`s situation accurately and the thickness and characteristics of materials.
As the result, Such problems won`t be happened so you can increase the quality of products by our die.

Characteristics of the available sponge material.

Characteristics of the available sponge material.

Type of material.

Bridgestone Corporation Everlight (Moran, durene)
Sanwa Chemical, Ltd. (Sanperuka)
INOAC made (Moltopren, Poron, Calm flex, P · E-Light)
Sekisui Plastics (Light Ron)
Nitto Denko (Eputoshira)

The thickness of material


Manufacturable major product by using a die.

Automotive member, Cushioning material, Material for packing.

designing dies to solve problems caused by the thickness of material.

We design dies paying attention to “the thickness of the material” and “taper measures”.
If the blade and blade are too high height or too low to the thickness of the material, it will cause broken board or falling down blade.
In addition, When you want to cut thick sponge, cross-section will be tapered, as like the sponge swell to drum-shaped. For increasing the quality of customer`s product, we choose the blade to suit with customer`s needs and prevent tapering.
Some customer uses same height blade.
It has been designed considering with the environment of customer`s factory. As like We check the height of blade and the thicknesses of materials before designing.
The type specification of dies will be divided by price or productivity, which one customer would focus.
Therefore, At first we ask you your needs, and please let me suggest your request.

The contents of relieved after-sales service after delivery.

sponges are soft and we design to prevent lording on blade of die, so you can use our die for a long time.
Recently there are material with high adhesion, so we suggest the measures for adhesion material.

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