Challenger's spirit of Noda

Human power of Noda makes powerful growth and high speed

We want to grow and develop as “company which can build human” with improvement of customer`s satisfaction and employee`s satisfaction.
Our proud employee have thinking of theory and passion. all employee focus on customers satisfies and challenging many kinds of possibility.
As the result, they can have satisfying days, and it will lead us better days.

Management philosophy

Management philosophy

We can develop company because our employees are good people

We have been growing because attracted people have been gathered.

Our company`s strongness is people.
We think that company is the stage for building human and enjoying life, and the best community for sharing happiness and problems.
All Noda’s staff enjoy their own life.

creating positive people leads to growth of Noda, and we think it can say creating positive people is one of the  company`s  social responsibilities.


Speed​​! Speed​​! Speed​​! The matter in life is fulfilling time

Speed​​! Speed​​! Speed​​! Life is density of the density

We think that speediness is the most important.
World is always changing and people always need “speediness”. We always value the speediness for responding to customer requirements,  establishing trust, develop human resources ” and educating employee.

We try to avoid laziness with keeping “speediness” in our mind, and work efficiently. We think it`s same as you have fulfilling life.
It`s better to have having having fulfilling days because you only live once.

It might be “opposite thinking of the slow living.” But anyway we want to live greedy. our lifestyle are like that.
As a result, we can discovered a new things, and it lead us to the acquisition of technology and knowledge.

We can work with vigor because we are in same direction

We can work with having vigour by having the same direction.

“theory and passion” are important things in working. Both of them are necessary.
People tend to think of our company as “the passion group”.
It`s not wrong. however, we also focus on tactics and strategy.

In monthly meeting about financial report, every manager attend to online meeting. so everyone can share information about that.

In brief sales meeting, We don`t only talk about business progress but also make a presentation about specific measures based on quantified data. if we took from claim from a customers, we make a measure for that within that day. In addition, we share the information by using digital technology.

We have a business conference once a month. Every department and branch give a report about measure of this term. At fiscal year end, we have the presentation of strategic mid-term management plan. every branch assemble, so we can have same direction.

By doing this, we can maintain our motivation, work efficiently and be committed to our theory. it directly result in customer`s satisfaction.


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Challenger's spirit of Noda
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