We make a die for punching resin.

The production efficiency greatly improves by die of lowering
a defect rate of the thick resin product.

“When I punch products, It is discolored.”
“Blade fall down after punching”
Do you have such troubles?

It is because it is not designed consideration with the hardness and characteristics of resin.
We manufacture dies, after grasping customer’s situation accurately and hardness of the resin.
 It can be possible to increase significantly the productivity because an useless product is not manufactured by our die.

Characteristics of the available material.

Characteristics of the available material.

Type of material

PET, polycarbonate, PP, PVC, Teflon (PTFE).

The thickness of material.


Manufacturable major product by using a die.

Paper package,For display.

Design with an emphasis on durability and prevention of whitening.

We design dies focusing on durability because resins has many hard material same as joint sheet.
Before designing, we tell customer that update frequency of blade and dies are often happened because of properties of the material. we will have meeting to get confirmation before manufacturing.
We will select the best blade and plate which does not cause split and falling down by checking the hardness and thickness of the resin.
In addition, by nature of resin, discolored is sometimes appeared.
we design considering with the problem may happened for prevent that.
It can be increase significantly the productivity because an useless product is not manufactured by our die

he contents of relieved after-sales service after delivery.

You often have to change blade or board more than other material. After delivery, we are also strongly conscious of grasping a condition of dies and performance of the blade accurately.
Therefore, we can update the blade and the die quickly, so productivity and quality can be kept.
We have information of the cutting tool industry immediately, so you can adopt new blade for your dies whenever new blade is existed.

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