We make a die for making paper container.

The quality of product is improved by our dies which considers products use.

“It is difficult to assemble products created by die”
Do you have such troubles?
It`s because that it is not designed consideration with what things will be put in the box.

But we create a dies after grasping what things will be put in the box.
As the result, low quality products will not be manufactured, and each quality can be improved.

Characteristics of the available material.

Characteristics of the available material.

Type of material

Paper, Printing box, Clear case, Cardboard boxes, Plastic cardboard paper, Stick box

The thickness of material.


Manufacturable major product by using a die.

Food, Cosmetics, Sporting goods, Stationery, Miscellaneous goods, Electrical products, Gift items, Industrial package.

We design dies considering with what you want to manufacture.

There are three important points when we design dies.
First one is “appearance.” Second one is “ease of assemble.” Last one is “ease of putting the product.”

We design dies for adapting customer`s process, For example, we have to detailly know  “the box is for what” and “how to use that”. we also consider about work efficiently of customer, such as punching process and assemble.

So we can design dies for customer can use easily and improve quality of product.
In addition, we manufacture dies smoothly by knowing about position of nudge and blade.

The contents of relieved after-sales service after delivery.

We accept to sample cut of package which is before creating woodwork for customer can imagine how dies will be work.

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