We make a die for punching various materials..

We draw the plan with understanding your product to improve your productivity.


“the box we made, but that`s not good.”

Have you ever had such a trouble?

this kind of trouble is caused by designing with not considering knowledge about  the outspread image of boxes you made.

we draw plans with understanding how to use your product pull out by our dis, the manufacturing process of the product and the feature of material.

In addition, you can use prototype of dies in advance and actually use when you test your manufacturing. so we can prevent “It`s not different from what I expect” when you actually use our dies.

as the result, you can use dies smoothly as you expected, it increase your productivity.


Characteristics of the available material.

Characteristics of the available material.

Type of material

Paper, Cardboard, Coated cardboard

Thickness of material.


Major product by using dies.

Sticky Notes, Various packages of calendar

We surely produce a die to improve the product quality by making a trial product.

If we get an order die for making boxes, we make a trial product in advance in order to check defects in deployment.

We can increase the quality of your product because we check the trial product strictly.

It is possible to improve the quality of the product using our die by thoroughly checking a trial product.
We do not change the shape of sticky notes and memo pad as much as possible, and try to making dies within the realms of possibility.

The equipment in factory is different from each customers, so we can manufacture dis to adapt each equipment. so we check the equipment and setting method of every customers. 

The contents of relieved after-sales service after delivery.

We respond quickly, such as it can solve by changing blades if paper dust clogged in joint of blade.

In addition, if you want to change the shape your product just a little, we don`t manufacture new dies, but we can modify by using laser cutting. it can reduce and shorten the lead time.

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  • About a die by industry.
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