We make a die for punching joint sheet .

Manufacturing dies with considering the hardness of material.
It improve your productivity.

“the blade fall out from board frequently.”
“The joint is opened frequently.”
Do you have such troubles?

It`s caused by the hardness of die is not match with the hardness of material.

We manufacture dies after understanding the hardness and thickness of the material that customer want to cut, and the process of manufacturing 

therefore, customers can manufacture smoothly and increase productivity without any trouble. 

Characteristics of the available material.

Characteristics of the available material.

Type of material

Valquas​​, NICHIAS, Klinger, Pillar

The thickness of material.


Manufacturable major product by using a die.

Nuclear, thermal power plants, Complex, For ship, Industrial machinery around the engine.

A durability conscious designs strongly.

Most of this material is hard. because of this, falling down blade or opening the joint are easily happened more than other material.
Therefore, we try to make a high durability die.

For example, we weld with using board to increase durability. In addition, we can do “spot welding” with pinpoint accuracy.

It is said the weakness of die cutter is joint, but we will reinforce with various work by taking advantage of our experiences and ample facilities.

So, we can manufacture cutting die which doesn`t cause problems specific to joint sheet and it make your productivity increase. 

Visiting check to reduce the cost of customer.

Due to the nature of material, We have to remake blade frequently more than other material.

so we ask that “Is there changing blade of die? “for suppressing a cost.

Moreover, cost and wasted time will occur because type specification for the material is mismatched and then die will break often.
We have also checked if there are any signs of such situations.

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