We make a die for punching rubber.

Manufacturing dies with considering the hardness of rubber.
It improve your productivity.

“Blade of dies often fall down”
“A joint of the blade has opened, punching die we can`t  use it anymore”
Do you have such troubles?

The hardness of die doesn’t much the hardness of rubber causes those worries.

We create dies grasping customer`s situation accurately such as how to cut or hardness and quality of material.
It can be possible to increase the certainty productivity by our dies without such a problem.

Characteristics of the available rubber material.

Characteristics of the available rubber material.

Type of material.

NR, CR, NBR, EPDM, butyl rubber, urethane rubber, fluorine rubber, silicone rubber, Polyvinyl Chloride Resin

The thickness of material


Manufacturable major product by using a die.

Industrial goods, electronic components, household equipment, construction machinery, vehicle-related, medical, amusement-related

Point of die making that specializes in rubber.

The most important things is “Making dies with outstanding durability” when we design dies for rubber material. 

We choose the blade whose hardness is hard to fall down depends on the hardness of material and control the length of blade depends on the thickness of board, so we can manufacture durable dies
If there is circle hole, we try to incorporate gun pipe or pipe with spring depend on working property for customers.
We have suggested a variety of idea order to increase the durability.
The type specification will be divided.Price or Operations, which one you would focus.
Therefore, At first we ask you your needs, and please let me suggest your request.

The contents of relieved after-sales service after delivery.

Some problem will happen if you continue to use dies for a long time.
Considering customer`s accurate situation, we change blades of dies before any problems happen.

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