We make a die for punching film.

Manufacturing dies considering with the characteristic of film.

“When you do punching, It become bleaching, Air bubbles may be mixed.”
“The quality is not good when I punch thick material.”
Do you have such troubles?

It`s because it is not designed considering with the thickness and material.
We manufacture dies after grasping  customer`s situation accurately and the thickness of materials.
As the result, Such problems won`t be happened so you can increase the quality of products by our die.

Characteristics of the available material.

Characteristics of the available material.

Type of material

Blue Light, Hard coat films.

The thickness of material.


Manufacturable major product by using a die.

Protective film for smartphones and portable game machine, Liquid crystal film.

Committed to fit with the part and shape.

The making of die of a severe type about half accuracy and shape accuracy.
The selection of the sharp blade with an acute angle.
To prevent deformation when it change the blade types for each portion or shape even the same die.
We will do hearing about detail of notes for bleaching or mixing air bubbles and more, and confirmation for hardness if material is in the hard coat.

The contents of relieved after-sales service after delivery.

We can deliver speedy if the blade is broken because we manage all date.

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