The characteristics of Noda's die.

Our dies will surely increases your productivity and products quality.

Punching product quality is up to dies.
We manufacture dies with this thinking.
For manufacturing good dies, We have to know customers. 

Therefore, We focus on understanding customers in detail.

We will conduct an interview with customer to understand customer`s present situation. We also check cutting board now customer use and what customer manufacture.

After fully understanding, We manufacture cutting die as customers want with considering various aspects such as type and process of manufacturing, material and product.

As the result ,customers can increase their productivity and products quality.

Requesting product is not only specialize in quality.

Requesting product is not only specialize in quality.

We manufacture dies with fully understanding customer`s thinking.
It can`t say good die even if it is used good blade.
Striving for quality too much will sometimes cause expensive cost more than client thought and late delivery.
Of course striving for quality is our important work, But price, delivery bate and service are also important.

So we suggest the best dies about price, delivery date and service for our client, therefore our die can increase the productivity and give satisfaction to client.

Product quality will be better
by our high technical and design skills.

After cutting a die ,Product of quality is getting better by our high technical skills and design skills.

“Punching product quality is up to die.”
We always have this resolution while we manufacture dies.
There are two important point for manufacturing good dies. One is technical skill, and the other is suggestion about cutting die match with material.

Even we design from customer`s point of view, if we don`t have much technical skill, we can`t manufacture good dies, and vice versa.

Our company have much skill and knowledge about various industry and material. We also have design skill based on this experiences.

In addition, We have full equipment for realizing the design. So we can manufacture dies which can contribute to product quality.

To enable shipped in a day by a speedy product manufacturing.

To enable shipped in a day if you order by 4pm. We have created an on-line system and responding speedy by improving technique for client’s request about the delivery date.

“Business on Saturday as always”
Even if we get order on late Friday, It is possible to delivery on Monday or Sunday

“you can bring your product to our factory”
We work with “Always customer first policy” You can bring your dies to products to meet your order as soon as possible.

“You can assign a day and time for delivery”
You can assign a day and time for delivery because we want to deal with every situation flexibly.

delivering speedy by simultaneous progress

Normally manufacturing process is ” To make suitable knife for die is after the laser processing ” but we can do at the same time by using online system. So We’ve realized speedy delivery system.
In addition, by managing the manufacturing plan and the process, and has realized the customer management system that enables speedy response everyone.
We can save time thanks to this mechanism. so we can focus on the inspection, and it is possible to produce high quality dies.

Strong thought for time from staffs

Our speed delivery date is not only that system.
All staff have strong thought about a new commitment for the realization of quick delivery.
Because we work with the thinking, “time is the product for our customer”.
We have never compromise on efforts to speed up delivery with quality.

To enable shipped on the same day by a speedy product posture.

To enable shipped on the same day by a speedy product posture.

We can do “Local support and local supply” because we have factories in overseas.

We can support for local and local procurement .These are a incident because  we have factories in overseas.

We are the only company in Japanese die cutting industry, which is expanding its business overseas .

We make sales to neighbor countries with Vietnam and Thailand at the center.

We can manufacture dies same delivery date and quality as in Japan.

For example, you can manufacture like this ↓

Manufacturing trial dies in Japan.

Transfers the data to Philippines.

Manufacturing trial die in Philippines.

Start mass production in Philippines.

Provide relivable product quality by verification of dies considering with the customer field.

Provide relivable product quality by verification of die of assume<br />that the customer field.

 “Just manufacturing dies ” is not our goal.
If you want to see the actual product with using our dies, We will respond to the customer`s requests.

It is also possible to manufacture trial dies and customer actually use. In addition, if customer actually provides us material to be stamped, we can use the actual dies to perform trial press verification in our factory before delivering it to the customer.
By having the customer actually use before delivery, it is possible to check how to use dies in advance. In addition, we can manufacture dies that can realize the customer’s request in detaily.

We will solve your worries with great interview skill and knowledge about dies.

We will solve your worries who has a knowledge of die and high skill hearing.

Salesman of Noda will visit anywhere, even in foreign countries.
Every branch has salesmen so it is possible to talk about detailed by face-to-face. Not just interview skill, all salesman has an experience of field work and data entry.
Therefore, all staff has mush knowledge about dies, so we will respond firmly to consultation and worries of our customers.

The chrome die is the highest level in accuracy, durability
and the sharpness.

“it becomes the press-cutting when I use rusty die, is there any die having better sharpness?”
“Blade become sharp soon. So Is there die having high  durably?”
If you have a request or worries like this, we recommend the chrome die.
The chrome die is the next generation die by our technical capabilities.
You can produce high quality products without any worries of durability and sharpness.

The chrome die is unique for its great sharp.

The chrome die is proud of the angle of the cutting edge and sharpness. It will quite useful in all material.
Cutting edge angle : Standard 50 degrees. Acute angle 40 degrees.
cutting edge angle (It could be 30 degrees in ultra-sharp by negotiation.)
Depth of die : 0.1-1.3
We will prepare an abundant variation in accordance with the material and thickness to be processed. customer can have much choice by combination with kiss cut. 
Maximum thickness is by 2.5mm.

The chrome die has the most superior durability from Noda.

The chrome die is good for customers who has worries about falling down blade Because the durability of edged tool of chrome die is the best in all kinds of blade.
Material : Stainless steel (quenching has been processed)
Material hardness : HS 65 degrees
HRC (Rockwell hardness) 48 degrees
We are using a good quality of steel.
The chrome die has high durability. So it is also workable for hard material, so customer can use for a long time.

We have a confidence about reply.

Basically We ship the product by 3 days from we got order.
We can try to ship the product at the same day or next day.
We will do everything to help you.

The crom die is the highest level in all about accuracy durability and the sharpness.

The crom die is the highest level in all about accuracy durability and the sharpness.

The crom die is the highest level in all about accuracy durability and the sharpness.

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