Amazing die The factories of Vietnam and Thailand are running at full capacity. Making die with the passion.

Increasing the productivity and quality. Making amazing dies quickly.

Noda is company of die.
We make dies which can increase the productivity of factory and quality of product. Do you have any problems with these things? if you have some problems while manufacturing sponge ,rubber, film, resin, vacuum tray, paper containers of product, the die of Noda must be the best solution.
We design and propose great die which can increase productivity of factory and quality of product.
we promise your satisfies with wonderful quality, prompt delivery and a good price.

In Japanese dies industry,  We are the only company which has factory in Vietnam, Philippines and Thailand. 
We make high quality dies like Japanese one and send it immediately.
We never compromise. We will keep pursuing our work with a spirit of challenge and experience.

What kind of dies do you need for your material?

Punching product quality is up to die.

We can make dies for your purpose and product`s materials because we never forget this way of thinking.

What kind of die do you need depend on material?
  • Sponge
  • Rubber
  • Film
  • Resin
  • Vacuum tray
  • Paper container
  • Joint Sheet
  • Ohter

Punching product quality is up to die.
We make dies with this way of thinking.
for making good dies, we have to know about yourself.

We will start our business talk from client`s present condition and issues. next, we will check the product and die cutter now you use. It`s important for us to understand the details of client 
After we understand your present condition and issues, we will make suitable dies for what you want considering with material, product and how to make.
As a result, you can make your punching more efficiently, and it will increase the productivity of your factory.

We have highest number of customer in this japanese industry and making dies in various fields

  • Car industry.
  • Electronic parts industry.
  • Vacuum molding.
  • Various industrial product.
  • Print industry.
  • Paper articles.

Feel free to ask us any question about dies.
We have four bases in Japan and three bases in Asia .That`s why we have so many information more than the other company.
and our Knowledges is increasing because we have clients in many kinds of industry.
dies cutter is always developing, but some company don`t give clients this information.

We think that information is also important product, so we can provide new suggestion at any time.

Noda`s die is high quality product Japan is proud of abroad as well.

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